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In 2006, a life-changing (and nearly life-ending) experience blew the doors off what I thought I knew about myself, the world we live in and the lives we can lead in it. That saying about a brush with death or evil changing you forever is true. Among other things, it made me want to try to warn others.

Afterwards, I left high tech to read, think and write about the root cause of suffering: the psychopath, which I call the Other. I've written seven books and hundreds of articles about the conduit through which they attempt to get to us--relationship.

Four years on, it is very clear that psychopaths do not want their wicked ways made known. Too bad.

"The quiet conscience is the invention of the devil. No one of us may permit any preventable pain to be inflicted even though the responsibility for that pain is not ours. No one may shut his eyes and think that the pain which is therefore not visible, is nonexistent."
                                                                       - Albert Schweitzer


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    Horses and Kill Buyers

    15 months ago

    Thoroughbred who earned a quarter of a million dollars for his owner, sold for meat They look for quarter horses and draft horses because they have the most meat on them. Kill buyers are the death agents into whose...

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